As Astas we manufacture and supply shelf, shelves, shelf systems, market shelf, market shelves, grocers shelf, grocers shelves, store shelf, store shelves, cashier counter desk, cashier counter desks, storage rack system, storage rack systems, rack system, rack systems, market equipment, market equipments, boutique shelf, boutique shelves, grocery carts, trolleys, shopping trolleys, shopping carts, market trolleys, shopping carriages, shopping buggies, metal shelf, metal shelves, wooden shelf, wooden shelves, turnstiles, rotary turnstiles, double turnstiles, single turnstiles, ground fences, presentation stands, metal stands, wired accessories, pools, wire hangers, wire baskets, heavy duty carts, mechanical gates, shopping baskets, warehouse storage systems, warehouse shelf systems, price labelstocks, round baskets, single baskets, panel wires, pool cages, adjustable hangers, flat hangers, ufi hangers, spiral hangers, hangers, grocery cart, trolley, shopping trolley, shopping cart, market trolley, shopping carriage, shopping buggy, turnstile, rotary turnstile, double turnstile, single turnstile, ground fence, presentation stand, metal stand... Astaş Raf has been building markets, stores and grocers since 1983 with its 38 years experience. It produces ostentatious, useful and high quality shelves and equipments for markets, grocers and stores for an enjoyable shopping, and creating differences at markets and stores. Since 2005, Astaş Raf which has created differences in storage system sectors has been keeping on being a solution partner of all areas from warehouse to retail. The aim of Astaş Raf is being the leader of home markets and foreign markets with its products and solutions. Its priority job is to manufacture high quality products and to provide manufacturing this quality in the shortest time and the lowest price. Unless damaging reliability, although examining in details takes too much time, the quality concept of Astaş Raf is to manufacture the highest quality shelf in the shortest time for the lowest price.

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